Annual Campaign


In our work to end family homelessness, we take a whole-family approach, providing supportive services to children and their parents to alleviate the trauma associated with homelessness and provide the tools and resources necessary to ensure long term financial stability.

With 1 in 30 children in our public schools currently experiencing homelessness, we are committed to solving this problem. Hamilton Families helps families find permanent housing options that fit their needs. From there we provide supportive services that help build long term financial stability, working to help families heal from their housing crisis and thrive! We believe that we can end family homelessness in our community together.

Hamilton Family Hugging“After almost one year of being in our own place, so much has changed! Bella and Devino are in new schools with new friends. Bella is in dance class, which brings us all so much joy, because she teaches us what she learned at home. Now that my kids have the security of being home together, we are able to look at the trauma that we experienced. We were watching a movie the other night that talked about “relational trauma” and we all looked at each other, like a lightbulb went off. They went through so much, moving and shelters. Now that we are home together, we are really beginning to heal. It’s hard work, but slowly I can tell things are moving forward and the kids are more focused in school and engaged. They are connected to therapists and doctors and after school programs. The sense of security we have today, we owe to Hamilton Families. We will be forever thankful for all the kindness and support given to us.”

– Blanca Crotte, Hamilton Families program participant

Hundreds of families like Blanca’s are still experiencing homelessness in San Francisco. With your support, we can alleviate the trauma associated with homelessness and help families find long term stability. Join us this year to ensure that every child and family has the opportunity to thrive.

Every donation received will be matched by a generous donor. Double your impact!