Community Partners

The Board of Directors, Staff, and Community of Hamilton Families are grateful for the the dozens of community partners who support our work towards ending homelessness for families in San Francisco. Below are just a few of the many partners we are honored to work with.

Access to Technology

Twitter_Logo_White_On_BlueTwitter is a San Francisco company that has risen to the challenge when it comes to family homelessness. When they first moved to the Tenderloin, they thoroughly researched the needs in the community and sought to learn how they could most effectively make an impact. They reached out to us and inquired about the best ways to support families living at our shelter near their offices. When we told them, they responded with love, imagination and funding.

Individual Twitter employees volunteer in our Children’s Services and large groups of ‘Tweeps’ support family and fundraising events through the year. They have also provided great professional support, helping us spread the word about Hamilton on social media. Last year, Twitter made a special investment of $125k to launch a Digital Literacy Center (DLC) and support Children’s Services at Hamilton’s Shelter Program. Their gift of laptops, iPads and well-qualified volunteers mean that the kids have fun while learning about technology. This year, they’ve made an additional pledge to expand the DLC to our transitional housing location as well.

Twitter employee and Hamilton volunteer Leah says of her experience working with youth from Hamilton: “They are such sharp, respectful, sweet kids. It’s a reminder that there is no one face of homelessness, it really shatters all misperceptions and is always such a positive experience.”

This partnership, with people and with resources, really brings life to the word community. We are so thankful for Twitter’s energy and commitment.

Safe in the Cloud

evault_logo_newUntil recently, Hamilton Families, like many organizations, backed up all our data to server tapes every night, swapping the tapes daily. Mildly cumbersome and not ideal in the case of a disaster, this system met our needs but wasn’t especially effective. Then came EVault. EVault, A Seagate Company, delivers cloud-connected backup and recovery in the form of a cloud service, on-premise software, on-premise appliances, or any combination thereof. With their support, our data is both safer and more accessible in the case of a disaster. We’re so grateful for their expertise and generosity.

Beyond the in-kind donation of services, the folks at EVault want to build a long term relationship and have chosen Hamilton Families as their first nonprofit partner. We are exploring different ways their staff can volunteer on site and connect even more directly with the work that we do. We look forward to hosting them this spring, knowing that their energy and enthusiasm will inspire us as much as their services keep our data safe.

Vision for Justice

usf logoThe University of San Francisco has a vision to create a more humane and just world. A key way they achieve that is through service learning. Service-learning involves three essential elements: service experience, classroom experience, and intentional reflection. It is an opportunity for students to apply what they have learned in class and to learn from the service experience itself.

Hamilton has been partnering with USF for several years. Andrea Wise, Coordinator of Community-Based learning at USF, says “Hamilton Families is a great example of what we hope for a community partner of USF. The organization models the concept of reciprocity, by providing a deep learning experience to our students and giving students the opportunity to do meaningful work for the organization.”

The benefits for Hamilton and our participants are outstanding as well. USF student learners have supported children’s program, helped obtain Halloween costumes, organized multiple spaces, researched critical resources, and countless other projects. They bring joy and energy to our programs. If in doubt, just ask the kids. They’ll tell you how much they love these guys!

Tori helps Hamilton get ready for back to school

Tori helps Hamilton get ready for back to school

Perhaps the most touching perspective comes from the students themselves. Tori Bourakova completed her service learning experience at Hamilton Transitional Housing this summer. At the beginning of the semester, she wrote, “This is a population that is mostly ignored and neglected, and I admit, by myself. I want to erase my previous stereotypes, but I have numerous fears and anxieties.” Tori learned a lot throughout the semester as she loved on the children. At the end of the summer, she reflected, “Through this journey, I have not only seen the children grow, but I have also seen growth within myself. It feels good to remember how I first walked in – so unsure and nervous – to how I walked out at the end of my journey, like I belonged.”

We are thankful for Tori and her fellow students for their openness to learn and serve alongside us here at Hamilton. Our society needs more people like them who hold on to this spirit of social justice and the belief that we can all make a difference.

One final thought from Tori: “These are kids, and if I can at least have them walk home with a smile on their face, then I can walk home with a smile on mine.” That sounds like a pretty good goal to us as well!

It Takes a Village



Back to school can be a stressful time for children experiencing homelessness. In addition to the usual worries about making new friends and tougher subjects in school, they are often dealing with returning to school without the benefit of new clothes, supplies, or fond summer memories that other children take for granted. Not so the children at Hamilton Families. Thanks to our many community partners, children will return to the classroom confident and proud.

Our friends at Bloomingdales continue to outdo themselves. This year, they committed to providing 200 backpacks filled with supplies. A week later, they said they’d commit to 300! Every single child receiving services from Hamilton received a backpack provided by an employee or vendor of Bloomingdales. We’re just overwhelmed with gratitude!


MNRS logo

But that’s not all. The amazing folks at My New Red Shoes provided 178 pairs of brand new shoes, along with a $50 gift card to Old Navy. Children were able to go shopping for new clothes, and don’t need to wear hand-me-downs for the first day of school.

Back to School Haircut

Back to School Haircut

The celebrations continue. Four amazing hair stylists also provided free haircuts for 27 children so that they can walk into the classroom looking


fabulous. And our dear friend Robin Hultgren, professional photographer extraordinaire, took photos of 15 families.

Yes, it truly takes a village to raise a child. We thank our community for surrounding us with support and generous gifts during this busy and exciting time of year. In the words of Dr Seuss, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.”


Give ’em a Hand!

HOBA logoHandsOn Bay Area (HOBA) is a local nonprofit which strives not just to connect individuals with community service oppoCharles schwab volsrtunities, but also to assure that everyone who volunteers through them has a high-quality experience that inspires further action. Working in the bay area for over 22 years, HOBA has been making these connections and supporting civic engagement, resulting in a tremendous impact in our community.

HOBA and Hamilton first partnered almost ten years ago. Today, HOBA sends small groups of individual volunteers to our Emergency Center on a weekly basis to help with tutoring and game night. They’ve also recently led ESL classes at our Transitional Housing Program.

In addition to weekly volunteers, HOBA also coordinates corporate service opportunities –Google vols helping companies to serve in their communities. In the past month, 19 employees from Charles Schwab radically improved several communal areas in our Transitional Housing program, and 18 folks from Google undertook similar projects at the Dudley Apartments. In both cases, the volunteers arrived eager to clean, paint, scrub, sanitize and organize. In just three hours, they cheerfully transformed our spaces, communicating care and respect for the families who live there.

We’re so grateful for the support of HOBA and the volunteers they send to us. This is truly a mutually beneficial relationship. According to Donald Cooper of HOBA, “The HOBA volunteers who attend our regular projects with Hamilton may be sparing fewer than two hours from their busy schedules on a weekday evening, but they come away feeling that they have made a difference, and are inspired to come back and volunteer again.”

For a complete list of In-Kind donors and sponsors, please visit our recognition page, here.