Partnership Highlight: The San Francisco Giants, Airbnb, and Hamilton Families

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Airbnb and the San Francisco Giants are teaming up to raise awareness and funds for Hamilton Families’ Heading Home Campaign.

During the 2017 baseball season, heading home means more than just crossing home plate. For every run scored by the Giants at a home game this season, Airbnb and the Giants are donating up to $1,000 to Hamilton Families to help end family homelessness for a total donation of $300,000.

Help Us Get There

Will you join us? Click the home plate to donate, or text “HOME” to 91-999 to give.


Raising Awareness

Did you know that over 1,800 students in the San Francisco Unified School District are experiencing homelessness today? That’s 1 in 25 students. Homelessness can have devastating effects on children (see table below), but with your help, we can help these families head home this year. Please join us by learning more about the issue, joining our campaign, and advocating for change.

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Heading Home Campaign

Our Heading Home Campaign represents Hamilton Families’ systematic response to the unacceptable reality of family homelessness in San Francisco. The campaign outlines an evidence-based, data-driven plan to scale up our rapid re-housing program. Our goal is to ensure that homeless families in San Francisco have immediate access to shelter and the services they need to find permanent housing and move beyond homelessness.

Our Results

237 families successfully moved into permanent housing last year
92% of the families who received rental assistance have retained their housing
40% increase in # landlords that Hamilton Families partners with to ensure stable housing options for families