Hamilton Housing Solutions

Rubalcava 2015Hamilton Housing Solutions prevents homelessness whenever possible and assists families who have become homeless with housing search assistance, temporary rent assistance, case management, job search and other services for up to 18 months to help them find and retain a permanent home.

In the past year, Hamilton Housing Solutions successfully ended homelessness for 237 families, and prevented 59 families from becoming homeless.

92% of the families who participate in our rapid re-housing or homelessness prevention programs remain stably housed one year after the end of our services.

Homelessness Prevention – Preventing homelessness before it occurs is the least costly and most effective solution for at-risk households. Through this program, families facing eviction receive financial assistance, legal services and case management to help them stay housed.

For more information, please call a Homelessness Prevention Case Manager at (415) 614-9060, ext. 105.

Rapid Re-housing – Hamilton Housing Solutions assists homeless families with housing search assistance, temporary rent assistance, case management, job search and other services for up to 18 months to help them find and retain a permanent home.

For more information, please call an Intake Specialist at (415) 614-9060, ext. 112.

Partnering with the Schools

Hamilton Families has a unique partnership with the San Francisco Unified School District to more effectively identify and serve families who are homeless or facing eviction. When a counselor, social worker, or nurse learn a family is about to become homeless or is newly homeless, our “rapid response team” will go to the school to meet with the family, assess their needs and enroll them in one of our programs. In the first 18 months of this partnership, we reduced the length of time families experienced homelessness by five months.

A Story of Hope

Martha came to Hamilton Housing Solutions 12 months ago, following a brief stay at the Hamilton Shelter Program after successfully completing a recovery program in the community. Prior to becoming homeless, Martha had full-time employment and was able to sustain her housing as a single parent. Unfortunately, her life took an unexpected turn in which she became unemployed, suffered from depression and relapsed after being clean and sober for several years. During her time in shelter, she shared “I want to have a great life for me and my son, I want to help people who have been through the struggles that I have.” This realization led her to enroll in school to start a new life. When Martha found housing utilizing Hamilton Housing Solutions rental assistance, her life became manageable and dreams started to become a reality.

During her time participating in Hamilton Housing Solutions, Martha completed a certificate program from San Francisco City College and obtained a certificate as a Health Worker and Substance Abuse counselor. Martha has also been successful in obtaining employment through the work study at the college and at Levi’s Stadium. This fall semester Martha is accomplishing another great achievement in her life, she will be completing her AA in Social and Behavioral Science.

In Martha’s own words:

“I am grateful for all the support and help Hamilton Families has provided for my son and I. In a sense, I guess all of this had to happen in order for me to really change my life and better my situation. I am grateful for all the staff, mainly my case manager who always motivates me and gives that type of tough love.”

Martha will continue her journey in school; she plans to enroll in a Bachelor’s degree program and seek employment in the field of helping others. Martha stated that one day she would like to work for Hamilton Families.