Hamilton Shelter Program

Hamilton Shelter Program operates one of the largest shelters for families experiencing homelessness in San Francisco, offering a safe place to sleep, three meals a day and critical social services to 50 families a night for up to six months. Families at the shelter receive case management, housing search assistance, job training and other support.


If your family needs emergency shelter, please call (415) 292-5228 at 11:00 am or 5:00 pm.

A Story of Hope

Hoa and Chien first arrived in the United States a year ago, with their two boys, then 9 and 11. Emigrating from Vietnam, they spoke no English and knew nothing about the American culture when they arrived. The family temporarily lived with Chien’s father in a studio, but had to move out due to overcrowding. Thankfully, with support from their Cal-Works case manager, the family connected with Hamilton Families.

While staying at the Hamilton Shelter Program, Hoa was able to secure employment, providing a monthly income of $700 for the family of four. Even though it was a challenge to meet the family’s needs on such a limited income, their determination and perseverance allowed them to save over $2,000 in less than five months! This savings helped them move into a home of their own in August 2015.

The family now has two stable incomes – Hoa is currently a nail tech in San Francisco and Chien recently gained employment at a local restaurant in the Mission. Following the recommendations of his case manager at Hamilton Families, Chien enrolled in ESL classes and is making progress in learning English. Their two boys attend the Tenderloin Community School.

Throughout their experience of homelessness, this family never lost hope, working every day to make a difference for their children. Both parents are currently looking for second jobs in order to continue providing their family the best possible future.